Questions About Yellow Journalism

  1. Who was the original owner of the Yellow Kid comic strip?
  2. What does the term Yellow Journalism mean?
  3. Who had branched out of California and gone to New York in order to expand their newspaper company?
  4. What two newspapers were the most popular in 1895?
  5. How did the era of yellow journalism affect journalism in this day and age
  6. Who published “false” news? Why was it that they disregard expanding to new cities?
  7. Why did Creelman believe yellow journalism is important?
  8. Who were bitter rivals in 1896?
  9. Who wanted to expose the Shocking Ingredients in beer?
  10. How has the new yellow journalism improved?


1. Richard F  Outcault’s

2. journalism that is based upon sensationalism and crude exaggeration.

3. William Hearst

4. New York Journal and New York World

5. the era of journalism affect journalism this day because back in the day there was no media, television, or any kind of news for people to know.

6. Joseph Putzlier

7. He believed yellow journalism was important in order for people to get access to everything and keep up with what is going on.

8. Joseph Putzlier and William Hearst

9. Jay Brooks

10. Yellow journalism improved by new ads coming out and new media such as Twitter, Instagram, etc.


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