Pulitzer and Hearst


During this era, Pulitzer and Hearst were both competing with each other in order to become the superior publisher. Pulitzer was known for buying a dying newspaper company and making it his own with the declaration that he would be the people’s advocate and support people with special interests. Pulitzer was actually the first to start hiring good reporters and was also the first to publish the Yellow Kid, a comic strip in which Hearst had stole the artist from him. Pulitzer was known for doing reports unorthodox. He had actually hired the first woman publisher to go around the world to see how long she would take.




Hearst was different from Pulitzer in the fact that he was born in America and Pulitzer was an immigrant. Hearst had actually gotten his newspaper company from one of his fathers shares, and like Pulitzer he had decided to go over special interests, but rather than focusing on “legitimateness” like Pulitzer, Hearst wanted to cover stories that made the readers be taken aback.  Hearst had moved from San Francisco to New York as an attempt to expand, and ended up buying The Journal, which was one of the best newspapers in New York.


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