New York in 1895

New York was and is one of the most popular places for newspapers and press. In 1895 there were two leading publishers and papers in the state. There was The Examiner and the New York Journal as the leading newspapers. The term yellow journalism is referring to when papers would try to make their papers eye catching and extraordinary. This included really big headlines with outlandish stories. The papers started making comics and one of the most famous comics included the yellow kid. At this time all the publishers really cared about is making their papers look sensational so that the masses would be drawn to the news stand. The competitive nature between the papers is what drew the papers to shift what was being reported and how news was being delivered. It changed the newspapers all around. The thing about yellow journalism is that most things were not very reliable because the reporters wanted the best stories so they would exaggerate.


“Yellow Journalism.” – New World Encyclopedia. N.p., n.d. Web. 19 Oct. 2016.


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