Journalism Journey

The journalism version of monopoly. In this game each player picks a leading newspaper and competes to be the most popular one throughout the game just as the papers competed in the time of yellow journalism.

How to play:

  1. Set up board,  have each player pick a charm for their newspaper, and give everyone a bank of 300 dollars to start off with.
  2. Roll dice between each player, the player with the highest number goes first and then it goes clockwise from there.
  3. Player one roles dice and proceeds to move however many spaces.
  4. Each space has either a name of a popular city or a chance slot. If a player lands on a city they have an option to buy it. By buying the city they are making their paper the most popular paper in that city. If any other player lands on the city another player owns there is a fee that must be paid.
  5. The chance cards are both good and bad. An example of a good chance card would be a reporter getting a key interview with an influential person and gaining readers that way. A bad chance card could would be like the paper accidentally published a fake story and loses credibility.
  6. Every time a player passes go they have an opportunity to collect $200 if they answer a trivia question right about the era of yellow journalism.

Game Elements:

  1. Board
  2. Chance Cards
  3. Trivia Question Cards
  4. Game Money
  5. A charm to represent each paper/player




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